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Large Plastic Dummy/Craft Clips - T-Clip Style

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The finest, safest dummy clips on the market.  The clips are made so the ribbon is not twisted or snagged when a dummy clip is created due to the T Clip design.

This is the new larger clip, that takes ribbon up to 20mm wide.


The plastic clip is very strong and snaps tightly, securing it in place.  As you can see from the pictures the clips are glossy and slightly transparent.


MIX Selections - We offer the ability to select a mix of colours.
To purchase a MIX, please enter the colours and quantities of each in the details box displayed on this page.  

If you dont enter any colours we will send you a random mix of all colours.

Please do not email us separately your MIX request as we cannot guarantee this will be picked up before shipment.

These are ideal for making your own dummy clips/toy holders/ID Card holders etc


Suitable for ribbon up to 20mm wide.


Details of Clips:

Material: Clear Rigid Plastic

Size: length: 56mm, width: 18mm, thickness: 8mm, Opening 22mm

Finish: glossy surface

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, FDA Standard, ROHS Directive